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Breast Augmentation

Looking for a better fit in tops, dresses, and bathing suits? Seeking a more balanced figure, a sexier silhouette? Many women choose Breast Augmentation to improve their looks and boost their self-confidence.
Breast Augmentation (mammoplasty) involves using implants to achieve fuller breasts,
to restore breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy, or to reconstruct a breast following injury or mastectomy. Breast augmentation is sometimes performed in conjunction with a Breast Lift, a procedure that corrects pendulous or severely sagging breasts.
Breast Augmentation is as individual as you are and deciding if it’s right for you is an important first step. Age, general health, and personal expectations are all factors to consider and discuss with your surgeon. Dr. Sleeper can help you evaluate the options and make an informed decision. His artistry, experience, and sensitivity are why so many women choose him to perform their Breast Augmentation surgery. For a confidential consultation, contact our office today.


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